The end of Miami Beach Art Basel week proved that Miami’s premier art event continues to be one of the most successful showcases in the world. The billion dollar fair went off without a hitch, with over 77,000 attendees. Many galleries reported stronger sales that previous years. The NADA, New Art Dealers Association, declared that most works, ranging from $4,000 into the millions, sold out within hours.  

According to the Miami Herald, by Friday New York’s Van de Weghe gallery reported sales of a 1954 Francis Bacon oil painting Man In Blue VI priced at 15 million, Pablo Picasso’s 1971 painting Buste au Chapeau priced at $10.5 million and Damian Hirst’s 2005 Multimedia I love You But I Don’t Like You, priced at $900,000. Increased sales at Art Basel from buyers including among collectors, museums and institutions all over the globe ranged from Asia, The Middle East, Latin America and the U.S. The outlook for Art Basel Miami Beach 2016, heading into its 15th milestone year, is much anticipated. Click Below  to Read  the highlights on Art Basel week on Miami Beach.