The private exhibit marked the kickoff of Miami Beach's Art Basel 2016, one of the largest international art fairs in the world. The influx of arriving international visitors, celebrities and art collectors offers luxury real estate brokers unparalleled access to the most affluent buyers participating in the event. The Wednesday evening event, hosted by BRG International, welcomed about 50 art enthusiasts.

"Art Basel Miami Beach gives real estate brokers and developers a significant opportunity to interact with the art community. The annual fair attracts international attention and is the only time of the year where curators, collectors, investors and high net-worth individuals gather in Miami for the prestigious event," said Matias Alem, CEO of the company. "This is our second event during Art Basel, and since there's so many events this time of year we learned that our key factor needs to be exclusivity, a very appealing feature to our guests."

Sami Akl, whose work can be found in his Miami gallery, and at Ateliê 397, in Sao Paulo, led a special raffle of his artwork; curated to be part of the collection of collectors and art lovers. “Liberté Égalité Fraternité”, was created from a pro secco seal, intuitively, after the lamentable terrorist attack in Paris, November 2015.

At the reception, which showcased various pieces of his artwork, Akl discussed his inspiration and how he became an artist, as well as reasons he loved to illustrate celebrities in his artwork. “I want to give people the power to be who they want to be. The power to dream.” One highlight of the event was a group segment, where guests were invited to create a memorable piece of art using various colors of chalk to draw on a single column located in the event space. Guest who participated did their own interpretations and concluded another successful Art Basel event.