The metropolitan areas of Orlando, Tampa, and Miami, are the top three in economic growth and jobs creation in Florida, according to a recent government data. With Florida's workforce growth rate exceeding four times the national average, the state now focuses on reducing taxes and decreasing regulations to attract businesses.

The state's economy continues to grow steadily, and Florida's business sector was one of the most prosperous in 2017, Gov. Rick Scott said. 127,400 new jobs were created in October and the unemployment rate fell to 3.6%, the lowest rate since February 2007. Since December 2010, Florida companies have created 1,448,300 new jobs in the private sector.

Governor Scott noted that the "effort to make Florida a friendly state for business is working, and it’s a sign of continued economic growth.” He also added that they “will continue to work to reduce taxes and reduce regulations, so more companies will choose to move to Florida.”

The number one job

Amid the job categories, education and health services had the largest increase in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties, with 18,000 jobs. The 4.7% growth in South Florida represents a 2% difference than the national average.

The sector is followed by trade, transportation, and utilities which had the second-largest year-to-year increase over the 12-month period, growing by 8,600 jobs, which was a 1.5% gain. Nationally, the same sector gained just 0.4%.

Professional and business services also saw an increase regarding the job amount with 7,700, construction, with 7,500 and other services with 7,600.