Multiplan owns, among other projects, the luxury mall “Morumbi Shopping” in Brazil


Brazilian billionaire José Isaac Peres, founder of Multiplan Real Estate Asset Management, received the city’s approval to redevelop one of the most iconic buildings in Miami Beach, the Marlborough House built 56 years ago, which should be demolished.

The once controversial project had been the target of several protests, mostly because of a concrete walkway with exclusive access to the beach that could interfere with the distribution of natural light on the site and block the ocean view of a few neighbors. To secure approval from the Miami Beach Design Review Board, the developer informed in a press release that a few changes were made on the design, including a decrease on the building’s width, which creates a gap of approximately 100 feet between the project and the neighboring building to the south.

Perez paid $ 100 million for the 6,000-square-foot lot on Collins Avenue. Arquitectonica is designing the 90-unit, 17-story luxury condo building. The developer will build a 15-foot-wide path featuring lampposts, benches and landscaping so the public can access the beach.

Peres is the founder and largest shareholder of Multiplan, one of the largest shopping center managers in Brazil, which owns, among other projects, Morumbi Shopping. His personal fortune is estimated at $ 1.6 billion by "Forbes."