By: Ismael Rodriguez

The Miami Beach Design Review Board has approved plans to transform North Shore Open Space Park, the 28-acre stretch of land located between 78th Street to 87th Terrace in Miami Beach.

The plan will add paved walkways, 217 more trees and more open vegetation for visibility, as well as a paved beach walk that will ease traffic for rollerblading and biking. It will also receive $6 million in funding from Terra Group president David Martin.

Calvin, Giordano & Associates and WEST 8 Urban Design & Landscaping Architecture, which designed Miami Beach Soundscape Park, will redesign the park after proposing the plan earlier this month.

“The big idea is to celebrate the spectacular botanic quality that the park has and that is something that has permeated every aspect of the design,”Gianno Feoli, project manager for North Shore Park at Calvin, Giordano and Associates, told the press.

Terra Group is also responsible for developing 87 Park, a luxury condo with 70 units overlooking the ocean, which is expected to open its doors come October 2018 near the North Shore Open Space Park.


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