By: Ismael Rodriguez

New York-based real estate group bought four industrial buildings in Miami-Dade County for $60.8 million as part of an $854.5 million portfolio deal, spanning across 12 states.

As of April 4, Boston-based TA Realty sold its 45 properties to Brookfield Property Group, four of which are located in Miami-Dade County and worth a whopping $60.8 million.

In Miami, the largest part of this deal was the $28.58 million sale of Doral’s Americas Gateway 1&2 LLC. The two buildings measure 173,871 and 85,091 square feet. They were sold for $9.6 more than the last time they were traded, which was in 2011 for $19 million.

The other two properties in the deal were bought by BPREP Palmetto Airport for $19.58 million, and BPREP Medley Palms for $12.61 million.