By: Ismael Rodriguez

Residents and retailers celebrated the completion of a $2.5 million project funded by Miami Beach to renovate Espanola Way last week.

The project beautified the 1920’s historic area that sits between 14th and 15th streets from Washington to Drexel Avenue, renovating everything around a mixture of Spanish and Mediterranean-styled hotels, restaurants and small shops.

These improvements to beautify the area included new trees and lighting and a design to make Espanola Way more pedestrian friendly, while preserving the European-styled architecture and influences intact.

“This project’s the final culmination of 20 years of work,” Scott Robins, owner of the peach-colored properties along the street, told the press.

What started back in August and was supposed to be completed earlier this year suffered delays early on because of problems with the sewer and water infrastructure below the street, but tenants and business owners never lost hope in the positive impact the project would bring the dilapidated street.

“We’re very positive people and we knew it would be better at the end,” Angelo Bruno, who works at Soleiado, told the Miami Herald. “Of course delays were to be expected, I don’t blame them though.”