By: Ismael Rodriguez

Despite an increase in residential units at One Bayfront Plaza, Florida East Coast Realty vouches that this project, which is expected to break ground in January 2019, will include a significant amount of office space.

A spokesperson for Tibor Hollo, the founder of FECR, told the press that the project at 100 South Biscayne Boulevard is presumed to include about 500,000 square feet of office space, despite a surge in the number of residential units.

When discussed with city planning officials, the developer received permission to increase the number of units from 1,052 to 1,350. These units are being built as rental apartments to complement the hotel and retail stores also expected for construction.

"This will be the building of the future -- it is totally different,” Hollo told the press in a statement issued back in February. “We're still building for yesterday, but this building is the future. We're starting on One Bayfront Plaza in January 2019. It's 1,049 feet tall, and if you look at other buildings they look like yesterday. This looks like tomorrow. The whole demeanor of the building will be different.”

The 92-story One Bayfront Plaza will become the tallest building in Florida, exceeding previous height limitations, upon its completion.