By: Ismael Rodriguez

Miami’s skyline paints a picture that is both aesthetically pleasing and dynamic, constantly growing in size and evolving before our eyes. For the past decade, Miami has become the second fastest growing skyline in the U.S., second only to New York City.

In the past, height restrictions in Miami had limited towers to go higher than 800 feet, but that all changed in 2015. The 764-foot Southeast Financial Center was the tallest skyscraper then, surpassed by the 789-foot Four Seasons in 2003, but height limitations have loosely been altered to allow developers to go beyond the 800-foot mark.

Many of the new development projects over the next five years have already proven to add some bulk to the iconic Miami skyline. A handful of skyscrapers, 984 feet or higher, are planned to break ground in areas like Brickell and downtown Miami.

Below is a list of the tallest buildings currently under or approved for construction in Miami: