By: Ismael Rodriguez

After a meeting last week with an architectural and engineering firm, city commissioners learned that a planned restoration of the iconic Miami Marine Stadium is estimated at more than $40 million, which includes a new floating stage for entertainment acts.

Heisenbottle Architects, a Coral Gables-based architecture firm that specializes in historic preservation, theatre arts and higher education projects, conducted reports on the restoration of the stadium that estimated costs

The city of Miami acquired Heisenbottle Architect’s architectural and engineering services in January for the long-awaited restoration of the Virginia Key waterfront venue, marking the rebirth of a concrete stadium that has been closed since Hurricane Andrew swept by in 1992.

Nonetheless, since hired, the Heisenbottle firm has sped the process to rejuvenate and remodel the waterfront structure by already completing Phase I of a professional services report on the stadium restoration.

These Phase I costs did not exceed $1.3 million, and the work mostly focused on pre-design planning and study activities that included a building assessment, building programming, budget cost estimate and documentation of the structure’s current conditions.

The report recommended the removal of layers of graffiti covering much the structure, and replacing the old wooden seats with molded plastic seating. Among other endeavors conducted by the firm, they enlisted theatre consultants and experts in structural engineering, architectural lighting, geotechnical assessment, landscape architecture and more in preparing its report.

The report also has a section on a proposed work schedule, with Phase II, which consists of design preparation and bidding and permitting, ending by October 2018 and Phase III, the construction phase, beginning on Nov. 1, 2018, and concluding on May 31, 2020.