By: Ismael Rodriguez

The BRG Newsletter, which sets out to capture the progressive nature of South Florida while informing our readers of its new trends, listings, development projects and evolving economic state, has reached 20,000 subscribers worldwide.

Since its arrival in 2013, the newsletter has continued to steadily grow and filter its content in order to supply its readers with a second-to-none news service and informational tool that mirrors BRG’s high-end, reputable services as a whole.

“The idea of the newsletter has always been to show and educate our readers on the evolution of Miami, transforming over the years to become a major global city,” said Matias Alem, the founder and CEO of BRG.

But BRG isn’t settling just yet. Subscribers can expect more within the next couple of months, as BRG is determined to start publishing articles in English, Spanish and Portuguese in order to reach a wider audience.

In essence, BRG’s goal is to continue to build relationships and trust among its subscribers by keeping them in the loop, providing its readers with a first-class ticket to all things Miami.